A Blockchain network is used to mimic the healthcare insurance industry. The network allows hospitals, insurance agencies and the insuree to act as organizations. It also provides a standard protocol for all participants to track the validity of a claim as it progresses through various states.

Each organization has it’s view abstracted by the role that accesses information. For example, only only the admin of a hospital organization can view patient claim records where as only a doctor can view patient history.

Why does the insurance industry need Blockchain?

Blockchain stores immutable information of each transaction that takes place on the network. This allows claims to be submitted and claimed only by verified users and prevents submission of false or multiple claims.

Core features of the Insurance Chaincode

  1. Organizations can register with the system as as an insurer, insuree or hospital.
  2. Along side the traditional user login system, this chaincode also provides multiple signatures to users such that they can have multiple enrollment IDs to login with.
  3. Every individual asset also holds the information about the buy-source. X
  4. Ability to see every event like “Claim Filing”, “View Filing Status”, and “Change Claim Status” that have happened inside the organization.
  5. Hospital admins and insurer admins can register and enrol users with access control roles.
  6. Search for *hospitals* throughout the system.
  7. Only insurer nodes with validation rights are allowed to validate transactions.
  8. Insuree can raise a claim and view claim status.
  9. Hospitals can only view claims raised to them.
  10. Insurers can only view claims raised to them and change their status.
  11. Dev: Rich queries can be easily added to the existing chaincode.

What Is Included In This Package?

  • Demo Fabric network for testing and deployment
  • Documentation about setting up the network
  • Source code of chaincode
  • Documentation about how to use the chaincode
  • A webserver to communicate with the Fabric network
  • Documentation about the endpoints of web server
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Insurance Chaincode Template

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  • Based on Hyperledger Fabric
  • Extensive Developer Documentation
  • End-to-End Coverage
  • Free Minimal UI
  • And much love
Version: 1.0.1 / Release: 25th May, 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get help in installing?

Yes. During our on-boarding call, you can request for help with installing the template on your network.

Is the installation free or paid?

No. There is no charge for installing the template as is on a new blockchain network. There will be a charge if it is modified.

Can I pay to get this template customized?

Yes. You will have access to our blockchain architects, blockchain engineers and designers to get the template customized for your need.

What is the average cost of customization?

This depends on a case-to-case basis. Our customer on-boarding team will help you work out a cost for the customization.

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